The intersection of interior design, technology and the future of work

There are many interior design and architecture blogs that feature new and beautiful projects, products, art and design inspiration, both Australian and international. This blog has always aimed to be something different.  Over the years I have been writing this blog, the common thread of these posts is the practice and future of work – both as a place and the processes of working within the AEC industry – and the impacts of technology upon both.

The website name, The Midnight Lunch comes from a phrase used by one of history’s greatest innovators and collaborators – Thomas Edision and was inspired by the idea of collaboration – for the best ideas come through not one person’s thoughts but many. Whilst I have written all the posts on this blog, the ideas come from so many industry colleagues, clients and friends and relies upon the inspiration that comes from collaboration (or sometimes also the frustration!)

For further discussion on The Midnight Lunch please read my first blog post.

About Ceilidh Higgins

Ceilidh has been described as a “purple unicorn” – her rare combination of knowledge and skills across interior design, technology, sustainability and business give her a unique view in the design of workplaces and the process of architecture / interior design.  At the end of 2021 she decided to redirect this mix of knowledge from architectural practice, by joining the Workplace Strategy and Change Management team at CBRE.  All opinions expressed on this blog or social media are her own.

Ceilidh’s speciality throughout her career has been work – both the places we work and the way we work.  As a talented interior architect, she has worked across workplace strategy and design and commercial building refurbishment, delivering workplace projects from as small as 5 people through to upwards of 1000 people.  Her work brings together her background in architecture with a career long focus in interior design, her experience in project management and business grounded in an understanding and passion for psychology and well being, green buildings, technology and a flair for design.

For more than 15 years, Ceilidh has lead the design and delivery of significant office fitout and refurbishment projects for a variety of clients in private companies, government and defence sectors as well as a range of other interior design projects in education, laboratories, healthcare, and transport sectors. A number of projects she has lead have been shortlisted for design awards whilst at the same time meeting client expectations for functionality and budget.

Ceilidh spent many years working for a large multi disciplinary consulting company of over 5,000 staff where she was responsible for delivering internal workplaces as well as work for external clients.  Alongside a high level of service integration, this experience gives her a unique client side view of the interior design project process and expectations, as well as an understanding of the business side of working within a large company.

Ceilidh is active within both the green building and digital technology communities. As an early adopter of Revit for interior design, Ceilidh has become a well know speaker both in Australian and internationally presenting on technology and design. In 2017 she joined the BILT ANZ organizing committee after many years as regular speaker at BILT both in Australia and internationally.   In recent years, Ceilidh’s presentations have focused on the future of work -combining her knowledge of work as a place with speculating on the impacts of technology on processes of working within the AEC industry.

As well as writing this blog, Ceilidh has been commissioned to write articles for the Association of Consulting Architects Australia, Parlour and Workplace Insight as well as contributing to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Construction.  She is available for interview or comment on any of the topics covered in this blog.

Ceilidh is a registered Architect in NSW Australia and a GreenStar Accredited Professional.

Visit Ceilidh on Linkedin or Behance to find out more about her work and see her project portfolio.


Contact Ceilidh through this website if you are interested in discussing potential projects or articles.