I’m a designer and I job share with an AI

Thomas Edison is credited with the phrase Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration” and I believe there is no field where this applies more than architecture and design. So often people assume that interior design is such a fun, creative job – that it’s all about drawing, colours and furniture, something like being paid to colour in and shop – when today being a designer is just as much about people management, psychology, project management, documentation, checking codes and standards and managing contracts.  It’s also often about a culture that expects long hours and being always available to the job. “It’s not work when you are passionate about it?” is common. But what if instead we could all work less hours and job share with our computers?

This is my latest article, which you can continue reading on Workplace Insight.  Workplace Insight is one of my favourite blogs and I was really excited to be asked to write this piece for them.

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Personally, I will be presenting a class “Inside Out: Implementing Revit for Interior Design Teams” in Session 1.3.  I’d love to see you there!

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Ceilidh Higgins

2 thoughts on “I’m a designer and I job share with an AI

  1. Ceilidh thanks for the thought provoking nudge regarding the future and interior architect/designer’s place in it. While much of the Ai focused information goes over my head and may be cause for concern for not only the future of the profession but humanity in general, this statement from the Autodesk white paper jumped out at me,

    “Some aspects, such as beauty, cannot be quantified, and thus need to
    be considered once the generative design process is complete.”

    I am skeptical that Ai will ultimately provide us with any sort of quality personal time as you posit……Too many Terminator movies I suppose.

    I am hopeful that down the Ai road designers will still have a job trying to humanize the data.

    • Hi Michael – thanks for reading. I’d like to think that the AI will remove the boring repetitive parts of our jobs and free us up to focus on the more human side of our jobs. And also to give us hard data to demonstrate the value of good design and sell our designs to clients.

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